Bioenergy and Biofuel

Database of technologies for growing bioenergy crops

Purpose. To develop a computerized information system of database management for growing bioenergy crops. Methods. The theory of operations research, graphic schemes and methods of linear programming. Results. On the basis of research, the core modules for database information system of scientific support of the process of growing bioenergy crops were developed and processed, including requirements to interface of a database, the presentation of information, types of queries to database systems and scenarios for user interaction with the system databases. Tabular forms of databases Varieties and Hybrids, Weather Conditions for Growing Bioenergy Crops, Fertilization, Crop Protection, Cultivation, Technological Operation, and Economic Efficiency. Algorithms of databases and scenarios for user interaction were developed. Conclusions. Developed on the base of long-term data on growing bioenergy crops in a particular farm tabular form and content of scripts and interaction with the database user make it possible to accurately predict the course of growth and development of plants and recommend additional agronomic measures. Maintaining databases separately for each field of growing bioenergy crops provides the possibility of accumulation and rapid processing of large amount of analytical information.