Intensity of flower formation in plants of coffee chicory

Purpose. To substantiate an agronomic package aimed at simultaneous flowering, which includes planting design, top removal and irrigation. Methods. Field, laboratory, analytical and statistical techniques. Results. It was determined that regulation of plant growth and development (top removal) positively influenced the intensity of flower formation. Planting design (growing space) had a significant impact on flower formation. Top removal helped to form more flowers, while decrease in the growing space led to the formation of a smaller number of flowers equally without irrigation and under irrigation. The intensity of flower formation of coffee chicory significantly increased as affected by water supply of the seed-bearing plants. It was found that the effect of ‘irrigation’ factor was the largest (49.4 %) followed by planting design (33.4 %), and top removal (17.2 %). Conclusion. The implementation of the agronomic package which included planting design, top removal and irrigation provided a significant increase in the intensity of flower formation of coffee chicory that had positive influence on yield and seed quality.